Thursday, October 11, 2007

Funny, this life.

I've been chewing the thought of starting a fresh, new blog for the past couple months. It feels so strange to return to this page after such a long absence. I'm sure my readership has all but disappeared, but I'm more concerned about those who join me now. Checking over the archives you'll see some large gaps here and there, sylistic changes and perhaps wonder: WTF?

Basically, while I have been musing here for years, I definitely get distracted by other things in life. Shiny objects, pretty boys, hours of overtime, etc. I'll do my best to sum up an overall life update here.

Sean and I are wonderful. Work is insanely busy, but oh the adventures I've been on. Family is well, my neice is gorgeous and I miss her madly. Facebook is changing the world. Britney is going down, and Lindsay is rising again. I've traveled all over, New York to Whistler, with a few stops in between. This month I have Fargo, Churchill (to see the bears) and Kansas City on my radar.

I am here again largely because I want a place to write from on my travels. I'll try to cover some of the highlights of this year's visits on here too. At least I won't run out of things to write about for a while.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Her lumps?

It's strange. I've had so many experiences I've wanted to write about, just have been struggling to find the words. Strange experiences last week in Calgary which culminated in me losing my wallet somewhere in the airport. Thus I returned to Winnipeg, less a few hundred dollars, my credit cards and various important wallet-documents.

Aside from all that and my now disconcerting lack of credit cards (I rely on that thing WAY too much)... I am really here to share this (totally confusing) video with you. I don't even know what to say, but I was weirded out. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Snow's gone

Ah! I swear I am trying my best to keep up the bloggy land, but work and life keep getting in the way. Sun/Mon was Brandon, Wed/Thurs is Calgary - then some home time this weekend just to ramp up for Sean's bday, then Easter and a million socials/weddings/family obligations, then off to Edmonton and Saskatoon. I love being busy and it's good for keeping me out of trouble - but I really need to buy some shoes and am not quite sure when I'm going to do that. Maybe Edmonton... hmmm...

On a different note, a very dear friend of mine is in an extremely unhealthy relationship and although I try my best to be supportive, I feel as though I cannot enable her negative behaviour. She knows how I feel but keeps going back to him. It makes me sad. :(

Friday, March 23, 2007

Springtime eyeballs

Officially, as of 8-something-or-other this morning, I noticed spring had arrived. During my short walk to work the birds were twittering through the air and singing, the run-off was pooling into puddles on the sidewalk and a cute little red squirrel ran alongside me for a few paces. I felt like freaking Mary Poppins.

I'm sure we'll get one last spring dump, but for now I'm just happy with the sunshine. The sun was also rising as I left the gym around 7am. :)

I was inspired today by Chris who I don't actually know, but I'm pretty sure he lives close to where I grew up, just north of the city. A few days ago, he posted a terribly frightening photo of his eyeballs which made me wonder what mine looked like up close.

Now my eyes are browner than brown and thankfully, my photo did not turn out as scary as Chris':

Brown, some streaks of black maybe. Yes it hurt to take this photo.

Now my Sean has very pretty blue eyes, maybe that makes the difference? Therefore, in the name of science, I jumped on him, tied him down and shoved my camera in his eyeball, with the flash on.

Blue, silver. So pretty.

Conclusion: Chris - There is something wrong with your eyeball.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

mm spring

Today is blog post #666. In order to capitalize on the evilness of this post, the devil is making me do a meme. YAY FOR SPRING THOUGH!

9 lasts:

Last dollar spent: $1.25 on tea my morning tea with the girls
Last cigarette: I think I had a drag of one in November...
Last beverage: Water, water, water
Last movie: 300 (yay for naked men killing eachother)
Last phone call: Jerral
Last song played: John Mayer on the iPod this morning
Last bubble bath: Sunday afternoon
Last time you cried: Whenever I watch Intervention
Last thing you ate: Chicken stir-fry leftovers

8 have you evers.

Have you ever dated a best friend: No, my best friends are usually girls... and sorry ladies...
Have you ever skinny dipped: Ha, Yes! I live in a province with 100,000 lakes and not very many people! Come on!
Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Regretted, no.... realized it wasn't the best idea? yes.
Have you ever lost someone you loved: Like misplaced? Some nights at the bar I've lost my friends...
Have you ever been dumped: For sure. I'd probably dump me.
Have you ever been drunk and threw up: Yes.
Have you ever ran away: Of course.
Have you ever wanted someone u thought u couldn't have then found out they liked you: Yes. I win.

7 states you've been to:

1. North Dakota
2. Colorado
3. Texas
4. New York
5. Illinois
6. Wisconsin
7. Michigan

6 things you've done today: (in no particular order...)

1. woke up
2. ate
3. got excited about my friend's thesis
4. drank 1.5 litres of water
5. danced in my living room
6. worked

5 of your favorite things in no order.

1. Almond butter
2. travelling
3. cherry slushies from the movie theatre
4. my boyfriend
5. new underwear

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to in no order..

1. Jerral
2. Tricia
3. Sean
4. My mom
(they all get to know different things)

3 things that make you smile.

1. sunny days
2. forehead kisses
3. my mom's quilts

2 things you want to do before you die.

1. forgive
2. keep smiling

1 one thing you can't live with out